Tyrone POWER

William Grattan Tyrone Power (1795 – 17 March 1841), known professionally as Tyrone Power, was an Irish stage actor, comedian, author and theatrical manager.

Born in Kilmacthomas, County Waterford, to a landed family, the son of Maria Maxwell and Tyrone Power, he took to the stage achieving prominence throughout the world as an actor and manager. He is said to have purchased the land that would later be occupied by Madison Square Garden, New York shortly before his death at sea when his ship, the SS President, sank shortly after departing for England. The lawyer who held the papers could not be found so the Power family were unable to claim right to the property.

He was well known for acting in such Irish-themed plays as Catherine Gore’s King O’Neil (1835), his own St. Patrick’s Eve (1837), Samuel Lover’s Rory O’More (1837) and The White Horse of the Peppers (1838), Anna Marie Hall’s The Groves of Blarney (1838), Eugene Macarthy’s Charles O’Malley (1838), and Bayle Bernard’s His Last Legs (1839) and The Irish Attorney (1840).

4 thoughts on “Tyrone POWER

  1. Wasn’t this guy the father of the Film Star …Tyrone Power? Oh…. I have information on Austin Power Junior who spent his time on stage too. No, no ….. not the “movie star”. Born 1847 and died 1921. His Dad was my Thomas Power’s big brother …. Austin Power (12 March 1818 – 9 October 1872) from memory.

  2. THe old Tyrone Power, actor and comedian from Ireland was the great grandfather of film and stage actor Tyrone Power of the mid-twentieth century from America. That Tyrone Power wanted to resettle in Ireland. He was quite proud of his Irish Heritage.

  3. I’m not sure if this is true but was told Tyrone power is a distant relative of ours my mum was born in Waterford Mary power to Thomas and Annie power

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