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The First Settlers of the US

Were there families called Power, Powers or Poore amongst the first settlers of the USA ?  It would appear there were several !

James Savage in his book “A Genealogical Dictionary Of The First Settlers Of New England” gives several reference to folks named Power and Poore.  He gives the following biographical excerpt in the above work :

Poor, or Poore, Benjamin, son of Samuel the first, m. 13 Apr 1696, Mary, widow of George Hardy, who d. 8 Aug 1707 and had Sarah, b. 6 Sep 1697 and Ann 31 Oct 1700.  Daniel Poore of Andover, is that youth I suppose, aged 14, whos name appears on the list of passengers on the Bevis from Southampton, 1638.

What’s interesting is that the father mentioned here, Samuel Poore, and his brother John are both listed on the memorial seen opposite, now standing in Newbury, Massachusetts – one of the first towns to be settled on the Atlantic coast of what is now the USA, in 1635.

The group of about 100 pioneers was led by Nicholas Noyes and came via Southampton and Wiltshire, UK.


Are you descended from any of the people mentioned in this article ?  Let us know !!