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An Australian Adventure – Marty Powers, USAF

Wow – what a story we have for you today.

Click here to download the remarkable story of Maurice Marty Powers of New York, who was posted to the Australian outback when serving as a gunner in the Army Air Corps of America during World War II.

martyHis gripping Australian adventure takes him from Harlem to Darwin, Australia and from Borneo to California …

His story is told with humour and humility – we can all be proud of this man bearing the Powers surname.

Power et.al DNA & History Project

Ever wondered about getting your DNA checked to establish the history of your family ?

Friend of the Power Clan Gathering, Warren C.O. Power, of Melbourne, Australia has set up a project which facilitates just that … Warren explains the ins and outs of the project on the webpage so I won’t go into it here – suffices to say that it’s a great way to find where in the world we all came from and what patterns are in common with others of our surname.

So why not check it out – it’d make a great gift for a male member of your family this Christmas – who knows, it might even throw up a relative or two at next summer’s Power Clan Gathering event !