Name Variations

There are many spellings of the surname POWER and also many variants of the name, which from Norman times have made their way across the world !

  • Power
  • Powers
  • Poor
  • Poore
  • Poure
  • de Paor
  • de Poer
  • de la Poer
  • Poher
  • Pohier
  • le Poor

Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to develop often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.   Let us know if your family name can be added to our list !

2 thoughts on “Name Variations

  1. An interesting variant on this topic is the local nicknames used to distinguish the many Power families living in the county – The Jacks, The Robins, The Bheitis, The Macs, etc.

  2. In the south coast of NSW – there were so many Powers (different lineages) and they intermarried – they distinguished each other by hair colour (Red Johnny or Black Johnny)

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