Family Crest

On this page we hope to gather information on as many family crests and mottos relating to the POWER family, and derivative names, as possible.

Do you have a story to share ?  please contact us and we’ll add your information to our site.

The crest seen opposite is the accepted form of the Power Family crest and shows a quarter length black jagged pattern on a white field.  It is one of the more plain Irish Clan coats of arms but an unmistakable one all the same.

The family motto is Per Crucem ad coronam – “By the cross, to a crown” …

We would love to hear from other Power families, Powers, Poher or any derivation of the name to see and hear their family stories.

143 thoughts on “Family Crest

  1. Hello all. Was searching around about the power family and came up on this. Awesome. Not sure who or what part of my family came from where. As far back as my family knows is Texas in 1900. Then moved to yuma az. My grand fathers dad wasn’t keen on talking about his parents. Ends there. My grand father is Gerald power his dad is Ernest power and Ernest dad was edward power. Ernest power is the one who moved from Texas to yuma az. Not sure where Edward originated from. Thank yall

    1. I lived in Marshall, Texas in the early and Mid 1990’s. It was a small town (25,000) but had about 12 people with a last name of Power in the phone books. My last name is Power. I had lived in Atlanta, Ga., Greensboro, NC, and Richmond, Va. and Power was an uncommon last name (lots of Powers but few Power). I mentioned this to one of the people named Power in Marshall. They said their ancestors came to Texas from Georgia in the early 1800’s. Georgia is where I am from also. Hope this helps.

  2. My grandad name was James Daniel power (jimmy) born in fort William if you have any details or photos would be very grateful thanks

    1. Hi. I had an uncle called Jimmy Power in Fort William Scotland. My dads name was Hector and his brother was Jimmy. The middle name of Daniel was their fathers name.

  3. Hi; I am a direct decendant of Roger La Poher( Poore,poor,la Poher,Del la Poher) of England. The line is the Poore (monks) that built Salisbury Cathedral at Sarum, around 11 pr 1200. If anyone has information on this line , i would like info ar book titles, anything. Thank you jk

    1. Hi Janell – thanks for getting in touch. I’ll send your query to our historians but it seems to me like you’ve gone back past anything we might have on record here. Is the Roger you are referring to one of the Norman knights who came to England with William the Conqueror ?

    1. Hi Karrie – thanks for getting in touch. Great to hear you are about to research your family tree. We have several specialists here that can help – but if you are starting out and wish to do your own research, I recommend registering on a basic family tree building website (my favourite is and putting in what you know. Many websites will offer services who automatically look for your relatives based on your searches and suggest family – these are almost always dubious at best. Feel free to write to me : and we can talk more. Regards Conan Power.

    2. You can try some online sites you can also call the consulate in San Francisco if you have any birth records of grandparents they can actually do research and if you can prove that you’re of Irish lineage can actually issue you a passport for Ireland in the US same time..

  4. Hello all. I have started researching my family tree. I have actually gotten alot of info. Great info. Trying to see how far back my Irish ancestors came over. Furthest I got was Rev james carrol power born 1817 in alabama. A few notes of father being maybe Charles but all records show him of last name with an s at the end. James mother was Elizabeth.

  5. I noticed our colours on the shield at the top and you referred to it as plain to some degree,black and white but in heraldry our shield is far from plain as its colours are Sable for black and argent for silver or white ,which are two rich colours considering sable fur black mink and silver are two very precious assets of the middle ages,,i love the enthusiasm with which our clan search its roots out ,,,,i would love to know of any family tree ever leads back to le sire de poer who fought for William the conqueror at hastings and is mentioned on battle roll

  6. Howdy fellow Power family people! I only recently started looking into my awesome surname, and I heard that it stretches back to Dublin with James Power – famous brewer. That certainly explains a lot. Hahaha

    It’s interesting to finally see the Power Crest. Pretty awesome!

  7. Some years ago, an English researcher informed me of a list of names taken from a Battell Abbey Roll which includes the name ‘Le Sire De Poer’. Further research by Dr Geoff Power has revealed what appears to be four lists: lists of the names of Duke William’s companions – his knights or ‘regimental commanders’: ‘Wace, Dukes, Counts, Barons, Seigneurs’. They are the ‘Battell Abbey’ Roll, the ‘Falaise’ Roll, the ‘Dives-Sur-Mer’ Roll and the ‘Auchinleck’ Roll. Two of these, the Battell Abbey Roll and the Falaise Roll, record the name le Sire de Poer. The Dives-Sur-Mer list – a transcription of names from a bronze plaque in the church at Dives-Sur-Mer in France – reveals the names of all of William’s knights who attended (Catholic) Mass just before sailing. The names Poer, Pouer, Poher, etc., do not appear. The Auchinleck Roll produced between 1331 and 1340, shows the name as Pouer, and was probably transcribed from the original Battle Abbey Roll. Another later edition by John and Bernard Burke in the publication, ‘The Patrician’, brings these 2 versions of the name together as ‘Power’ and goes on to indicate that the Poer/Power families of Curraghmore and Clashmore (both descended from Robert le Poer, the founder of the Donoyle branch) derive from this Le Sire de Poer, Pouer, Power. However, the reference at footnote 26 at the time of writing (November 2007), does not reveal the name – it’s in vol 2, which is not yet on the web-site.
    Subject to the (unsighted) comment(s) by John and Bernard Burke, the appearance of the name on these lists is not conclusive that any member of the (Irish) Power family was at the Battle of Hastings, or that it originated from the extinct Breton Comte de Poher. At the point of writing, we have no confirmation of kinship descent from any of William’s combatants to Robert le Poer, though it is likely that a man of his status was of influential ancestry, but until conclusive evidence is uncovered he may just as well have derived from immigrants from Picardy. However, it does add weight to Count Edmond De La Poer Power’s claim that English origins of the family may indeed lie with some valiant knight of William’s conquering army and he may well have been a Breton, as were most of William’s.
    The Domesday registers also fail to provide any mention of the Poer, Poher or Power family name, and in fact, the name does not appear in England until 1170.

    William Power

  8. Dear William…I was intrigued to read your comment…my father’s family arrived in Oz 1860 and stayed in Castlemaine and Jamieson … Francis Grene Power married Maria Theresa Perkins and moved north eventually to Brisbane and retired there having sired many children at the ripe old age of 45….it is all a long and involved story…are you a relative of a cousin Bill Power who was in Changi in WW2…..? would love to hear from you. Margaret Power Rossall.

  9. Hi Margaret.
    No, I’m not a relative of your cousin Bill who suffered in Changi prison, I’m descended from an Irish convict from County Wicklow in Ireland in 1797. I have, however, researched the history of the Power family from way back to its origins, including many Australian descendants and written a book entitled Morgan and a History of the Power Family, which is available through the programme Dropbox. The ‘link’ is available from the Power Irish Reunion website but I can also send it to you via email if you’d prefer but I’d need your email address to do that. Oh, and no costs are involved.
    Bill Power.

    1. Hi William, I have just started on my journey to tracing my heritage and have arrived at Morgan Power & Bridget Byrne/Power who are my 5th great grandparents. Whilst trying to obtain further details I came across your name and book. I have tried to search to purchase a copy of the book but to no avail. Would you be so kind as to advise me where I can purchase it from?
      Many thanks
      Danielle Power

      1. Hi Danielle. I’ve just located this message and wondering if I’ve sent you the Dropbox link to my book, Morgan and History of the Power Family. If I haven’t, send me your email address and I’ll send you the link. My email address is on this page somewhere.

        Bill P.

    2. Hi Bill. Is it possible to get the link to Dropbox as described above. Im in Brisbane with ancestors coming out from Westmeath in 1875. Thank you. Derek Power

    3. Hello Bill, I’d love to receive the link to your book. Happy to pay if it is for sale. Can you please send the link to my email, below. Thank you.

      Chris Power

      1. Hi Chris, I looked ‘below’ but unfortunately could not locate your email address. On this page (also below) is mine.

      2. Hi Chris. This “Leave a Reply” page doesn’t seem to work too well. If I could locate how to bring up your email address I’d send you the link but I’m having no luck in doing that. I think the only way around it is to contact Conan Power, one of the organisers of the Power reunion in Co. Waterford who has my email address and contact me direct.

  10. I have Powers on maternal and paternal sides of family and in maternal family – two lots of Powers from convicts Michael (County Waterford) and John(from Waterford or Cork)who arrived in Australia in the early 1800s. Two sons of John and his wife Mary Donovan married two daughters of Michael and his wife Jane Crotty. On my father’s side, his grandfather Thomas came to Australia from Dundrum,Tipperary in 1863. His father John was also from Waterford.

    1. MY Father was From County Waterford or Kilkenny John Power born 1917 son of James Power. I was born & raised in England. But my Father never had any family we had my Mother but they were related as he was from Kilkenny Eire I went back and forth as a child. My father was not a nice man. He thankfully died a few years back. I don;t really know much about his family, or him.

  11. I was so glad to find this webpage and the crest. I am searching for information on my Powers family. My mother’s maiden name is Powers. Her father was William Edward (Billy) Powers, His father John Powers and wife Bridget McInerney Powers is as far as I have gotten. I am trying to trace them back to Ireland but it has been difficult. As far as I know my grandfather’s parents were the ones who came to the US. I found them in a Detroit census for 1870 with two small girls. My grandfather was born in 1878 in Detroit. I cannot find them in the 1880 census, but I know there were at least 3 boys, and a girl born after 1870, Andrew, James and Sue, besides my grandfather. In the census it said Bridget was born in New York, which is confusing because I thought she was born in Ireland and that she and John were married in Ireland. It stated John was a Yard Master for the Railroad and I know that was correct. I know they were in Chicago for many years, on Michigan Ave. and John was killed in an accident while working with the railroad, there. I was also told, years ago that an ancestor was a knight in King James Court. I want to find some information about that. My cousin, who has passed away, had sent me pictures of my great grandmother Bridget, and some of my grandfather’s brothers and sisters, but I lost that in Katrina, which I was sad about. If anyone has any info on this Powers family I would be grateful to hear from them.

    1. Looking for my family , my dad was born in Dublin in 1945 , mother wad called bridget , he was sent to Tipperary , and put in a orphanage ?

  12. Hi Power people,

    My name is Karen Power and I’m Canadian – from the east coast in the province of Newfoundland. My Father was born and raised in Cork, Ireland and his family immigrated to Newfoundland in 1925.

    There are a lot of people with the last name of Power in Newfoundland. The Irish heritage and culture is still very strong there.

  13. My Great-grandfather James Power arrived in Argentina (to the Port of Buenos Aires) on February 15th 1889. His father was Thomas Power.
    According to what we know, he (James) might have been arrived in a boat named Dresden, from the Queenstown port (date unknown).
    He was born in Cardiff, Wales, although his family was most probably from Kilfane, Kilkenny.
    Unfortunately, little more is known because he died when my father (also named “Jaime”, after his grandpa James) was 4, and my grandfather didn´t speak English …
    We’d like to know something else about our family (if there is still someone) living there in our “Mother land”. There are only a few Powers in Argentina, so probably we could find our family’s origin …
    I’m just trying to find some relatives, but I know this might take some time …

      1. Thanks a lot! Indeed, I’d like to know something else about my tree, and contact if possible some relatives in Europe or the rest of the world … Unfortunately, I don’t have more data than that I already provided here …

  14. Hi my name is Rachel Power and I am the last of my father’s line of the surname Power. My father was Brian David Power who grew up in Harrow. His father was Joseph Power who was from Plumstead, Woolwich who married Annie Keenan from Dublin Ireland O Connell Street. They had Sheila, Diane and Brian. Joe was one of many brothers and sisters and I believe his father was Paddy A Power from Ireland who was married twice. I am currently researching them on and have reached a dead end. I will put in more details as I find. Hi to all the Power family

  15. My GG Grandmother Jane Power and James Judge both of Glasnamullen, married 2 May 1845 Glendalough Parish Wicklow Ireland. I would love to be able to trace further back with the Power family.

  16. From St. John’s Newfoundland which was a british colony before it was a part of Canada. Great- great grandparents immigrated here from the County of Waterford in Ireland.

  17. Hi, I am trying to find out more about my family. My maternal grandfather’s father (my great grandfather) came over to America (Chicago) in the late 1800’s from Dublin. His name was Joseph Francis Power but this is as far as I can see via records on Ancestry. No one else in my family seems interested in this and I would like to know more. Any ideas?

    1. Hi Glory,

      You might look at ThruLines on Go to the “Home Page”, then click on the “DNA” Tab. Now, click on “Your DNA Results Summary” Tab. Then click on “ThruLines” BETA on the right side of the page.and explore! Next, click on a person of interest and you will see how you are related to them. Good luck!

      Elizabeth Birdlebough Vidal, Granddaughter of Edmond/Edmund Crimmins Powers (Limerick and Dublin), Great Granddaughter of John Gleason Power(s)

      1. Thank you so much for this info. I just did it and I believe my grandfather’s family name was Powers but somehow became Power because I’m related to several people whose relatives are Powers.

  18. Hi, I’m Debra Powers, daughter of Robert Delmar Powers, the son of Archie Powers. My grandfather’s (Arche Powers) mother, dad, and brother moved before his birth from St. Louis, Missouri, but I was told the family originated in Virginia. Any information you might have would. S appreciated.

  19. Hi, I am Scott Power and currently reside in the United States. My Great/Great Grandfather Nicholas Power immigrated to the United states with his wife Mary Kearney. Since arrival to the United states Nicholas’s son John Power was an inventor of sorts, having owned a patent on one of the first Nut Cracking machines that separates the nut from the shell. Diamond Almond bought the patent. His son, William Power was also an inventor of sorts. He worked for Lockead as an engineer and was part of the Skunk Works. His biggest work was on the Hydrogen Bomb and test of such bomb in Alaska. My father also has many patents under his name in the electrical field designing medical equipment, such as an MRI type machine that measures the electrical activity of your brain to make an image for finding tumors and such. The current offspring, such as myself work in the medical field and one is an entrepreneur. Our dream is to head to Waterford to learn more about Nicholas Power and to Tipperary to learn more about Mary Kearney.

    1. Hi Scott, My grandfather Patrick Power was born in Stradbally, Co Waterford in 1845. Nicholas Power, one of his siblings, was born also in Stradbally in 1847. Patrick went to the USA, New York area, as did 2 of his sisters before him. He then came to Australia via Fiji. I don’t know if your Nicholas Power is Patrick Power’s brother but maybe it’s a long shot. One of Patrick’s sisters married a Powers who was somehow connected with the railways.
      Cheers from Brisbane.

      1. That would be awesome if it was so, I have no information on Nicholas Power and the rest of his family, with exception of his wife and kids. I am planning on doing my DNA test soon. Have you done one? My wife and I are planning on going to Ireland in the near future to try and find out more information. I do know that Nicholas Power came to the US in New York and then traveled out to California. I am unsure of where he died, or the date he died.

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