Events Guide

Powers of the World by blood, kin or friendship, it gives us great pleasure to introduce the Power Clan Gathering programme of events.

Our event will run from Friday 31st May through Tuesday 5th June 2013, based in County Waterford, Ireland – Tír Paorach [Power Country] –  the ancestral home of all Powers.

To book your spot at our event, or to attend any section, day or individual event, see our “Book your Spot” page … registration is essential !


FRIDAY  |  31st MAY                      venue  |  Dunhill, Co. Waterford  ]

  • Registration at Dunhill Castle from 2 pm, with an overview of the weekend’s programme.
  • Opening Ceremony and Welcome.
  • Homecoming walk to Dunhill Wetlands led by local performers and musicians.
  • Blessing and unveiling of Fr.Val Power Commemorative seat, with Fr.Paul Murphy, Dunhill.
  • Memorial Tree Planting ceremony.  3.30 pm
  • Traditional performers, music, stalls and re-enactments by local traditional groups.
  • “A Taste of Waterford” dinner at local hostelry – Harney’s – followed by a lecture from Julian Walton entitled “History of the Power Clan” plus traditional Irish music, song and dancing at the crossroads.  7.30 pm


SATURDAY  |   1st JUNE            venue  |  Tramore & Dunhill, Co. Waterford  ]

  • Guided trip to Hook Tower lighthouse, with lecture.  9.30 am
  • OR
  • Guided walk along emigrant “Hurtle Trail” led by Ray McGrath followed by optional extra boat trip on the River Suir, stopping at Duncannon Fort and Dunmore East.  9.30 am
  • OR
  • Guided Walk of Tramore with Daithi de Paor, followed by storytelling session and Power Clan exhibition at the Old Coastguard Station.  10.30 am
  • Lunch at Hook (New Ross), Dunmore or Tramore.  1-2 pm
  • Tramore Race meet, with PaddyPower sponsored “Power Clan Handicap” feature race. From 3pm
  • Battle re-enactment on Tramore Beach, with ‘Bird of Prey’ show, family fun and games  12-7 pm
  • Dinner at Tramore Racecourse.  From 6.30 pm


SUNDAY  |   2nd JUNE        [  venue  |  West County Waterford & Kill ]

  • Assemble at Tramore Coastguard station (or be picked up at your accommodation) for a Tour of Tír Paorach (Power Country), including Mount CongreveLismore Castle,  Ardmore,  Dungarvan and Rinn Ó gCuanach (Gaelic speaking area).  10 am
  • Commemorative Mass in Dunhill Church with Fr. Paul Murphy   11 am
  • Return via the wonderful Copper Coast taking in the sights at the Copper Coast Geo-Park, Garrarus, Kilmacthomas Workhouse and Annestown.  12 – 4 pm
  • Summer BBQ and Ceilí Mór at historic Power-connected Gardenmorris including music, song, poetry and entertainment.  7.30 pm
    (This event is in aid of the Waterford Hospice and all are welcome to attend.)


MONDAY  |   3rd JUNE                     [  venue  |  County Waterford  ]


TUESDAY  |   4th JUNE                         venue  |  Waterford City ]

  • Walking or guided tours of historic Waterford City including entry into :
    • Music on the Millennium Plaza.  2.30 pm
    • Light buffet and drinks at closing event in the Granville Hotel, with the Mayor of Waterford.  Includes a talk on the fractured history of the Power Family’s relationship with the city by Dermot Power and a message from Mayor of Waterford Cllr. Jim D’Arcy.  From 4 pm
    • Closing concert in wonderful Christchurch Cathedral.  8 pm

17 thoughts on “Events Guide

  1. i am interested in the gathering, my father married a Hackett, so i am 100 % Irish descent, my father ‘s people were from Waterford

    1. Hallo, I am so delighted that this event is happening. Thank you to those of you who are organising it. My grandmother was Mary Grant (nee Power) sister of James Power mayor of Waterford in 1960. I have done much research, but will be definitely attending all the way from Australia. Rosaline.

  2. Hi,
    I am interested, and perhaps a sibling or two. Our great grandfather, Pierce Power came over form Ireland and we are proud of our Irish roots. Have yet to visit Ireland, so this sounds like the opportune time. Any further info would be great. Where would we need to fly into? We are Canadian, living in Halifax (though from Newfoundland) Thanks Judy

  3. Wish I could be there. The tour on Monday, May 30, 2013, goes by the .Copper Coast Geopark. My great grandparents emigrated to the United States from Bonmahon there in the 1870s. Thomas Powers

    1. Hello there Thomas
      As you might well know the quiet seaside village of Bunmahon on Waterford’s Copper Coast was for much of the 19th Century home to a thriving copper mining industry, the largest in Ireland, employing over 1200 men women and children. The mine head was dramatically perched on the top of the cliff with the Atlantic waves crashing down below (the impressive ruins are still to be seen today) and the mine itself ran for more than a mile out under the seabed. When the mine eventually closed in 1875 it triggered mass emigration from the area. Many brought their copper mining skills to Butte Montana where ‘the richest little hill in the world’ had just been discovered. Others went to Wales and many to Australia. Emigration to Butte continued well into the 20th Century as families set themselves up and their extended family followed them over.
      Bunmahon is in the Catholic parish of Newtown and Kill. A new museum has just opened in the beautifully restored Monksland Church in Bunmahon.
      I hope that’s of interest to you Thomas. If we don’t get to see you this year I assure you there will be a welcome for you any time at all.
      Always happy to help the Wandering Waterfordians find their way home!
      Warm wishes
      Tony Hennessy

      1. Thank you, Tony,

        Two cousins on the Power(s) side of my family and I have been researching the origins, and the possible migrations, of our ancestors from Ireland. Perhaps Butte, Montana could have been the destination of some as yet to be discovered relatives. It could be a good lead in helping to flesh out our family tree. Our great grandparents settled in Houghton County, Michigan in that state’s upper peninsula, which also was an area of copper mining.

        Thanks again for the information and hopefully some of us will be able to travel to Waterford, Ireland before too many more years go by.

        Thomas Powers

  4. Hello again Thomas
    During the lifetime of the copper mines (1825-1875) at Bunmahon in Waterford there was a low period which unfortunately coincided with the years of the Great Famine (1845-1850). Two issues namely 1.the price of copper falling and 2. The mine at Knockmahon Bunmahon becoming exhausted, led to significant emigration from Bunmahon at this time. Many travelled to the copper mines at Keweenaw penninsula in Michigan. It is believed that some families settled there while others later moved on to Butte from the 1870s onwards.
    So Thomas it’s great for us here with an interest in the heritage of the Bunmahon mines to have the story of emigration to the copper mines of Michigan at a time of great hardship confirmed by the descendants of those who travelled that road. I would like to come back to you again soon to maybe hear a little more of your family story and to include it among the many stories we hope to gather as our new museum at Bunmahon finds its feet. The story of the copper mines at Bunmahon and likewise Keweenaw is actually a story about people as much as copper. It is of prime importance that that story is not forgotten.
    Warm wishes
    Tony Hennessy

    1. Hi Tony,
      All my ancestors in the last 200 years came from Castletownbere in west Cork. I was guessing that they retreated there by sea with the O’Driscolls after the War with officials of the City of Waterford in the early fifteenth century. However on reading your contribution about Powers emigrating from Waterford to Bute Montana, I now see a possibility that they could have moved to Beara may be as late as the eighteenth century as there was work in the Copper mines of Allihies. Do you have any data on families moving to Beara as well as to Bute Montana. I know there was emigration to Bute Montana from Beara I think a little later.
      Best regards,
      Noel Power

  5. I was so excited to hear about the Gathering, and even more to attend. It’s been a lifelong dream to visit my home and meet my family. My research has only taken me so far (Walter Powers b. 1639; d. 1708) Past him, I’m unsure, but I’m looking forward to learning more. Thank you all so very much!!

    1. Hello Kelly, Indications are that I am also a descendant of Walter Power and Trial Sheppard. I have been assigned to that group in the DNA project and other family researchers have drawn that same conclusion but without a positive link to my most distant relative of whom I am absolutely sure. That would be Benjamin Burch Powers b.1798, d.1871. If you can provide any information about Walter’s line, I would be most grateful. My family and I will be attending the Gathering so perhaps we will meet in Waterford. Like to hear from you. Regards, Greg Powers

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