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Individual Events now booking

Some individual events for the Power Clan Gathering 2016 are now available to book and more events shall be added in this manner as the event draws closer.

Click here to book for our :

  • family history and DNA lecture
  • Curraghmore Day (including tour of house and gardens with lunch)
  • Spectacular closing event at the Medieval Museum Undercroft, along with Slainte Show.


Ever wondered what writing system, alphabet and sounds your Irish Gaelic speaking ancestors used ?

The Irish alphabet has only 18 letters with no k, j, x, y or z for example. Other letters approximate these sounds. In earlier written forms of Irish Gaelic, dots and other diacritics were used to elongate sounds or to add lenition. 

This list contains an interesting explanation, and gives approximate English lettering and sounds. Interestingly, the names of Irish Gaelic letters (not to be confused with the sounds they make) are all named after spieces of trees found on the island. 

Find out more about your Power family’s history at this summers Power Clan Gathering in August. 

Thanks to the wonderful “Irish in America” for this publicity …

The Irish in America


In case you haven’t heard, 2013 is the year of The Gathering in Ireland. Hundreds of reunions, festivals, and celebrations are on the books, and more are planned every day. From time to time, I will turn the spotlight on Gathering attempting to trace and invite American relatives. And sometimes I will feature Gatherings that just look like a good time! Email me if you would like to have your gathering featured on The Irish in America.

Power Family Gathering

Power_crestThe Power Clan Gathering is a weekend of events for all the Power families across the world to celebrate their ancestral homeland and to meet with your family members and friends – new and old – in your historic homeland.

This is an opportunity to visit major landmarks throughout Tír Paorach and there will be lots of entertainment including traditional Irish music, song, dance, storytelling and folklore.

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This is a lovely post from friend of the Power Clan, Jean Tubridy 🙂

SOCIAL BRIDGE ~ Jean Tubridy connecting with you from Ireland

I have an absolute fascination with time in its many guises ~ not least because my days tend to be organised around suitable tides for swimming wherever I go.

I hope you like this poem about time which has captivated me:

Time Is 


Henry Van Dyke 

Time is 
Too Slow for those who Wait, 
Too Swift for those who Fear, 
Too Long for those who Grieve, 
Too Short for those who Rejoice; 
But for those who Love, 
Time is not.

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National Family History Day

Today is “National Family History Day” in Ireland and the perfect time to start planning your Irish family research.

To celebrate this occasion, the website is offering 50 free credits (about $5) to users who sign up with them – they’ve also added tonnes of new records on BMDs and other areas to their site.

Go check it out – you’d never know what you might find – the courts records are of particular interest.  Don’t forget to check our the local Waterford resources on  our own site here at the Power Clan Gathering.  Click here for these.

Power Clan Christmas Traditions

What are your Power Family Christmas traditions or do you celebrate the Christmas period at all, wherever you are in the world ?

Here in Waterford, we’ll be gazing out the window at the lashing rain (probably) while having friends and family around for a Christmas dinner of turkey and ham.

Christmas Eve traditions in Ireland involve visits to one another’s houses to wish each other well for the coming year (and maybe a small drink), attending midnight church services (now mostly at 9pm !) and ensuring the kids are in bed before Santa Claus comes !

Please let us know your Power Family Christmas traditions and wherever you are in the world, have a Happy and Peaceful Christmas time.

Jack V. Power – Medal of Honour recipient

There are many noteworthy and famous Powers scattered throughout the world … we’ll be featuring some of them here in the run up to the Power Clan Gathering 2013.  If you are thinking of making the trip, see our “Getting Here” page or contact us and we’ll help in any way we can.

John Vincent “Jack” Power, of Massachusetts, was a United States Marine Corps soldier who posthumously received the Medal of Honor for his actions during the Battle of Kwajalein in the Marshall Islands, in World War II.  You can read more about him and his story here and in more detail, here.