Nicknames Competition !

COMPETITION TIME AGAIN in partnership with WLR fm

We want to know your Power Clan nicknames and the stories behind why each branch of the clan was know as such.

There were so many Power families in Waterford and surrounding areas that they had to be differentiated by nicknames … and we’re sure there are some funny or unusual ones about.

For example, one of our committee member’s family is known as”The Mountain Powers” to distinguish them from the Power families who lived at the bottom of the mountain – “The Jeffs” !

So please leave your stories and nicknames in the comments and we’ll give 2 tickets to our Gardenmorris BBQ and Ceilí event on June 2nd to the winner !

3 thoughts on “Nicknames Competition !

  1. Hi – many thanks for the email – our branch of the Powers is known as “Captain” – we had a great uncle who was a captain with the American navy – not very funny or unusual but practical!!!!!!!

  2. Close to where I lived in West Waterford there was a man named Dick Power. He had two sons Jim and Ned – to distinguish them from other Power families, Jim was named “Jim The Dick” and you guessed it Ned was named “Ned The Dick”. Collectively they were said to be “The Dick Powers”.

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