The Powers of Waterford and O’Driscolls of Baltimore

The la Poer (Power) family of Dunhill were an infamous clan in the 14th century, as they launched many attacks on Waterford City. In one particular assault, in  1345, they destroyed the area around city but were counter-attacked, taken prisoner and many hanged.

The remaining members of the Power clan joined forces with the O’Driscoll family of Cork. This alliance would attack Waterford City many times over the next 100 years, with both success and failure. After a defeat in Tramore in 136,8 the castle of Dunhill passed to the Powers of Kilmeaden. It remained in their control until the Cromwellian attack on Dunhill and its first capture (The Legend of the Gunner and the Buttermilk) in 1649.   It is said that out of this house (Dunhill Castle), all the Powers of Ireland descend.

As part of the Power Clan Gathering 2013, we will be inviting Powers from all around the world to come back home to take part in a re-enactment of the battle to take Waterford City and will also be holding a week long exhibition in the Tramore Coast Guard station on the Power family history.  As well as these events, guided tours of Tramore and Dunhill and it’s connection with the Power family will be held.

There will also be “A Day at the Races” where we will be holding the Power
Family chase.

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