Power et.al DNA & History Project

Ever wondered about getting your DNA checked to establish the history of your family ?

Friend of the Power Clan Gathering, Warren C.O. Power, of Melbourne, Australia has set up a project which facilitates just that … Warren explains the ins and outs of the project on the webpage so I won’t go into it here – suffices to say that it’s a great way to find where in the world we all came from and what patterns are in common with others of our surname.

So why not check it out – it’d make a great gift for a male member of your family this Christmas – who knows, it might even throw up a relative or two at next summer’s Power Clan Gathering event !

1 thought on “Power et.al DNA & History Project

  1. Dear warren i Very interested in the history of our family and would love to get as much info as possible,,i am from waterford eire but moved some years ago and to this day i feel i pride in our family name and a sense of amusement at the faces i convey it it to as they always ask what way do i spell our special surname ,,so i would be greatful for more knowledge

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