A Lone Emigrant

John Power, was an ordinary Waterford man and like so many of his contemporaries, an ordinary emigrant.

Born in Waterford in 1833, he left his native county nineteen years later in 1852, travelling alone, but with 183 other souls, on the famine ship ‘Orinoco’, direct from Waterford to New York.

His name now appears, along with countless others on the new Irish Emigrant Database, online for free at the website of the Dunbrody Famine Ship, in New Ross.  What became of John Power ?  What went through his mind as he sailed for a final time down our magnificent harbour, out past Hook Head and away across the Atlantic ?  Did he have descendants ?  Did he ever come home ?

John Power, just one common farming man, amongst thousands, who sailed over the horizon …

2 thoughts on “A Lone Emigrant

  1. Love your postings, but I am wondering if there are any records on a Thomas Power born in 1795, and his brother Maurice who also left Ireland in the 1800s who settled in Dunville, Newfoundland. I am told that he had 2 sons by his first wife and ten children by his second. Thomas Power is my great great grandfather.

  2. Hi Bridget – thanks for your comment. There are unlikely to be many records for those dates that you mention – to be sure to be sure we’d need to check church records for you, which I can do if (and only if) we know where Thomas and Maurice Power originated from. We’d ideally need to know the parish in Waterford (or elsewhere).
    The next thing to do is check immigration and passenger lists to Newfoundland. They may have settled in Dunville but do you know where they landed or on what ship ? If Thomas married in Ireland theres a good chance that a paper record will still exist.
    Feel free to post the above information here or email me in private at conanjpower@gmail.com

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