Genealogy at the National Archives

The website of the National Archives of Ireland should be the first stop for families looking to research early 20th century branches of Powers and other families …

The Censuses of 1901 and 1911 are now completely indexed and available online for free, along with the original returns documents and lots of other supplementary information about our predecessors.  There were 11,112 people with the surname ‘Power’ successfully enumerated in 1901, while just 33 had the surname ‘Powers’.

In further developments, the National Archives has also recently launched two further searchable databases – namely those of the Tithe Applotment Books – These were compiled between 1823 – 1837 in order to determine the amount owing which occupiers of agricultural land over one acre should pay in tithes to the Church of Ireland.  It led to quite a controversy at the time, as the de facto religion of the people was Roman Catholicism.  1,491 Powers are listed in Co. Waterford with a further 201 in Co. Wexford and 373 in Co. Kilkenny.

Another interesting addition recently is that of Irish Soldier’s Wills, written by many thousands of Irishmen before they went to serve in World War 1.  The wills are only of those who didn’t make it home.  Some 9 men named Power are listed.

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