The ‘Power’ surname in the UK


This interesting graphic shows an analysis of the distribution of the Power surname in the UK (2010) – an interesting point to note is that there is a higher concentration of Powers in south Wales than anywhere else on the island.

Hopefully is is clear on the map (opposite) … the areas in blue represent the areas in Britain where the concentration of those with the surname “Power” are located.  The darkest section – those making up 5% or more of the population is in Glamorgan, Wales with a high concentration also around Greater Manchester, Merseyside and Greater London.

Power is the 21st most popular surname in the Vale of Glamorgan, reflecting migration to that area and the wider UK (principally for mining and heavy industries) in the late 1800s and early 1900s.  It is the 45th most popular surname in the Greater London area, which is remarkable when you think about it (7.7 million population).

Statistics from the Office for National Statistics, UK 

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