The Irish in Newfoundland

Check out this interesting series of videos from a program called “An Bothrín Glas” – the Green Road – which features Irish descendants in Newfoundland, Canada – such similarities to the south-east of Ireland – it’s amazing.  Any Powers out there in Newfoundland ?  Get in touch – we’d love to hear from you.

8 thoughts on “The Irish in Newfoundland

  1. I really enjoyed your clip on “The History of this emigration is based on Fishing”:. Was this a full documentary done in NL. If yes it would be great to see full length. Great job on your webpage. Looking forward to the Power Clan Gathering.

  2. Ó mo mhuintir i dTalamh an Éisc, go gcuidí Dia sibh / Tar abhaile go talamh do mhuintir May God protect my people in Newfoundland / Come back to the land of your people.

  3. My great-great grandmother was from Waterford or thereabouts but was called O’Power. Is this a separate name or was the O just an affectation tacked on later by relatives? Most interesting was how she ended up marrying into a Protestant family in a Protestant area and giving rise to a huge number of descendants. Do we count in the clan? Grace Burt

    1. Hi Grace – thanks for the comment – O’Power, from what we can gather, was probably an earlier form of the name Power – the O’ usually indicates paternal line – so John O’Power for example, would be John, son of Power … its an older native Irish way of taking a last name.

      And of course you count in the clan – everyone is welcome ! Let us know if we can be of any help – if you want to send some more details on your g-g-grandmother, I’ll see can we point you in the right direction 🙂 Maybe you have lots of info already ?

  4. I’m a descendant from James Power, son of John or James Power & Johanna Foley (aka McGrath). I cannot come to the reunion but would love to hear how it goes.
    James was born abt 1826 in Nfd.

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