The Powers in Griffith’s Valuation of Ireland

Over 4000 entries bearing the name “Power” are listed in Griffith’s Valuation in Co. Waterford alone.   This body of work was the first full-scale valuation of land in Ireland and took place between 1847 and 1864.  Owing to many important Irish documents and census returns being destroyed in a fire in 1922, Griffith’s Valuation remains one of the most important genealogical sources still in existence.

The good news is that the records are available online, with a mapping element so with a little information, you can work out where and when your land-owning or renting Power ancestor lived in Waterford.

Click here for the Griffith’s Valuation of Ireland website, run by AskAboutIreland.  Drop us a line if you need any help !

3 thoughts on “The Powers in Griffith’s Valuation of Ireland

  1. My Mathew Power was born in Waterford in 1781; nothing there that tells me of his parents and siblings; and the first thing I find is when he married Elizabeth Fisher of Appledore, Devon in the Parish of Northam on the 28 October 1807. He became a Master Mariner, on the schooner, Mary of Plymouth, in 1811. He had been on the American Prize Ship, Hiram, for at least a couple of years prior to this. His Master at that time was Samuel Browning of Appledore (note: there was later a Samuel Browning Power in Ireland). Mathew and his wife had five children (possible another that died in January 1816 at thge age of 3…. St Andrews ….same name as eldest son of 1818). Because the Griffiths Valuation was so late in the 1800s I do not think my Mathew would have been included in this ….so another dead end for his siblings etc. Hopefully my Y-DNA will help me find my cousins WHEN they do their Tests in 2013.

  2. I know that my Power ancestors are mentioned on the Griffith’s Valuation but not much more. My ancestor is Bridget Power my great grandmother who was the daughter of James Power. I believe there are relatives still living in Tipperary. Any help appreciated

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